2017 Dogwood Queen
Georgianna Kaylee Woodward

Georgianna Woodward is the daughter of Kaye and Jesse Woodward and she attends Madison County High School. She has been a cheerleader for six years, a member of FFA and an avid DARE supporter. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering, Young Life, spending time with her family, and relaxing at the beach. She will graduate high school with honors and would like to attend either Radford University or West Virginia University. Georgianna’s career ambition is to work with special needs children.

Georgianna’s Platform “Raising Tourette Awareness” is focused on raising awareness about Tourette Syndrome and specifically, focused on raising awareness about bullying of those with Tourette. "Tourette is a neurological disorder that is characterized by repetitive, involuntary movements, and vocal tics. One out of every 360 children is affected with Tourette. I was diagnosed with Tourette in the fourth grade and since then I have been able to speak to many different groups of people about this disorder. Living with Tourette’s can affect a person’s health, education, employment, and relationships. People are becoming more aware of this disorder but there is still much misunderstanding and lack of knowledge even among health and education professionals. Bullying happens to be a big problem for children with tics, just like any other neurological disorder. It is often misinterpreted and my goal is to spread awareness not only for my disorder but for other kinds of disorder as well. I hope to educate people and prevent bullying, so hopefully one day we can live in a world where judgement isn't based on what you look like or what your diagnosed with, but more of what is on the inside that makes you who you are."